Fresh Crudo Oysters ½ Dozen 18  Full Dozen 36
Low Tide (4-6PM Daily 2 buck a shuck!)

Baked Oysters (3 for) 16 (5 for) 22 (7 for) 28 
with Sambuca Pancetta Cream

Island Salads

Our Classic In House Caesar Dressing, Parmesan Shavings & Herbed Croutons

Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots with Honey & Nuts

Crisp Spring Melody, Watermelon Radish, Strawberries, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes & Crumbled Goat Cheese with Italian Bread Crumbs


Prawns (3 for) 9 (5 for) 15
Your choice of Grilled or Breaded

Breaded Scallop 3 for $10

Mussels 1lb 20 2lb 36

Inquire with your server about our feature fish! Served with ‘Chef’s Choice’ of side.

Tiger Prawns 6 for 18

Inquire with your server about our feature fish! Served with ‘Chef’s Choice’ of side.

Choose your Flavour

Gorgonzola Cream, White Wine Lemon Cream, Spicy Jerk Cream, Sambuca Cream, Chipotle Rose, Garlic Butter, Amore Tomato, Spicy Cayenne, Habanero Marsala, Amore Rosé, Yellow Curry Cream

Dungeness Crab Clusters 1 lb 27 2 lb 52

King Crab Market Price

Snow Crab Clusters 1 lb 28

Pearl Pescatore 40

King Crab, Dungeness Crab, Prawns, Mussels & Baby Clams tossed with Linguine. Your Choice of Garlic White Wine or Amore Tomato Sauce

“Captain’s” Pescatore 85

Be the Captain of the Pearl Pescatore with the addition of a Fresh Atlantic Lobster

Pearl Seafood Tower 140

Lobster, Dungeness Crab, King Crab, Oysters, Snow Crab & Prawns

Grilled Seafood Platter $55
Calamari, Cod, Prawns, Rice Pilaf & Corn On The Cob

Fish Tacos

Haddock (1 for) (2 for) 13 (3 for) 19

Cod (1 for) 8 (2 for) 14 (3 for) 20

Braised Purple Cabbage, Julienned Carrots, Julienned Radishes, Sweet Chili Mayo

Fish & Chips

Haddock (1 for) 9 (2 for) 17 (3 for) 24

Cod (1 for) 10 (2 for) 18 (3 for) 25

Honey Lager Beer Batter & House Made Chips

Wok Style Squid 16

Lightly dredged, Garlic, Ginger, Thai Chilis, Shallots, and Green Onions.

Grilled Calamari 16

Marinated in Olive Oil, Lemon, Garlic & Red Chilli’s

Honey Nut Lobster, Prawns, & Scallops  23

Sauteed in a cruzan rum cream.

Brussel Sprouts 15

Sautéed in A Maple Crumbled Sausage

San Remo Spring Rolls 12

3 rolls with Fresh Haddock, Carrots, Onions, Mushrooms with Sweet Chili Soy Sauce

Fried Calamari Rings 15

Lightly Dredged Making the Dish Very Light Served with a Mild Salsa

8 oz Filet Mignon 37

Grilled AAA Alberta beef Served With Daily Pasta & Vegetables

Pearl Baked Lobster 67

Italian Sausage, Corn, Shallots, Garlic, Green Onion, Scallops in a Rose Sauce with Italian Bread Crumbs. Baked with Mozzarella Cheese served on a bed of fresh home fries


Grilled Prawns 5 for 15

Grilled Lobster Tail 20

Steamed Dungeness Crab Cluster ½ lb 17

Steamed King Crab 1 lb $55

Feature Fish Market Price

Inquire with your server to see what swam in today

Feature Bird Market Price

Inquire with your server about our feature bird! Served with ‘Chef’s Choice’ of side

Soup of the Day 11

Inquire with your server about our house-made soup of the day!

Grilled Pearl Curry Lobster 63

Grilled Marinated Curry Lobster served with Roasted Wild Mushrooms & Rosemary Potatoes

Risotto 4 Ways 13
Grilled Prawn$24
Lobster Claw $26
Mussels $23
Squid $22